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How to choose someone for your plumbing needs:
Often when a plumbing need comes up, it is urgent. How do you find one? You want someone competent, responsive, reliable, reasonable cost, and with whom you can communicate. Actually these character traits are what you want in the important people in your life, your doctor, lawyer, accountant, an so on. If you are lucky, you call a person you already know and trust, and get a reference. It beats looking for the ads in phone books, or on the internet. When you find such a person or business, you let others know, like “paying it forward”.  That is why I want to recommend Clark Nichols of Durango Plumbing and Heating.

Gerald Sheldon

As a property management company, we need quality contractors everyday and Durango Plumbing has saved the day, time and time again for us! I couldn’t do my job without them.  Thanks Clark, Troy and Kerri!

Harmony Real Estate

Durango Plumbing is professional and proficient.  I highly recommend to all my real estate clients.  My tenants always say how courteous and pleasant they are as well!  Great Job, Durango Plumbing!


As a builder and remodeling contractor, I have come to rely on Durango Plumbing and Heating for their fast and reliable service. For both new installations, and trouble shooting serious plumbing problems, Clark is the one to call. My last customer had a leak in the water heater so I took a picture and texted it to Clark and he called me within a few minutes, arrived shortly after, found the leak, and welded the connection. Can’t get better service than that!


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